Analysis Of ' I Ain 't Late ' Am I '

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Consequently, it is because of the ideal she’s fulfilling that Connie is so incredibly vulnerable to the dangers of Arnold Friends tactics since it prevents her from defending herself in time to save herself, both emotionally and physically. Arnold Friend, at first glance, embodies everything Connie appreciates. An open, bright gold jalopy, shaggy black hair, wears sunglasses, seemingly suave talking about his car and enticing her with a ride, and “Connie liked the way he’s dressed, which was the way all of them dressed: tight, faded jeans stuffed into black, scuffed boots, a belt that pulled his waist in and showed how lean he was, and a white pull-over shirt that was a little soiled and showed the hard small muscles of his arms and…show more content…
Ellie and I come out here especially for you,” as he tries to recover from her suspicion. Now that he’s giving her the special attention she likes, she ignore her uneasiness to seek out more of his attention. She finds out he knows everyone in her friend group, that her family would be out of the house until late, and he uses her language “he spoke in a simple lilting voice, exactly as if he were reciting the words to a song” to wedge himself where her curiosity was more enticing to her than her caution. It is here that there begins to be a disconnect between the danger the reader can sense and the fear Connie is displaying. This disconnect isn’t met up with again until he’s continued to seduce her with mysterious and intriguing conversation, and she finally acknowledges that “She recognized most things about him, [even] that sleepy dreamy smile that all the boys used to get across ideas they didn’t want to put into words. She recognized all this and also the singsong way he talked, slightly mocking, kidding, but serious and a little melancholy, and she recognized the way he tapped one fist against the other in homage to the perpetual music behind him. But all these things did not come together.”. It’s only now that she asks his age, a question he deflects with “Can’tcha see I’m
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