Analysis Of I Am A Farmer By Aika Yamashiro

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Aiko Yamashiro is a poet, English major, and the author of “Values of Hawai’i 2: Ancestral Roots, Oceanic Views” which she published on May 10th, 2017. She compiled stories relating to the values of Hawaii, including the poem “I am a Farmer” by U’ilani Hideko Kalawe O Kou Ola Ana Kokaua Pulama Arasato. Arasato writes “I am a farmer” in the first-person perspective; “You should stop and listen, the ‘aina is trying to speak.” Reinforces that Arasato is explaining a situation to everyone about the lands of Hawaii. Arasato’s purpose in “I am a Farmer” is to illustrate events that influenced Hawai’i land. From ancient Hawaiian times, during the time the Ali’i ruled, to modern day Hawaii, the land in which generations were promised, slowly disappeared as hungry real estate people bought it up. Infuriating, feeling betrayed, and being voided of their land brings darkness to the farmers and the reason why Arasato creates this poem to explain the history of farmers suffering. I agree with Arasato’s claim that the farming land was wrongfully taken and deserves to be given back to those who rightfully own them because Hawaii is a place of fertility and where farmers thrive to grow food for its people. It’s been a heritage for generations and if people take care of the land, the land will surely provide back. Therefore, the poem “I am a Farmer” explains the history of farming in Hawaii by relating to the past, explaining the challenges faced, and what the future of farming can be if the
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