Analysis Of ' I Am Alarm, And Sighs '

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Popularity hears her 6:30 AM alarm and sighs. She hits it with her left hand and grabs her phone from the nightstand. Fifty notifications, she reads in her mind. Quickly, she enters her pass code and goes straight to Instagram. Six hundred likes in only 10 hours, she thinks with excitement. Realizing that she was snapchatting her friends for 15 minutes, she jumps out of bed. Popularity washes her face and goes straight to applying her makeup: foundation, concealer, mascara, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, blush, and lipgloss. She brushes her straightened hair out and walks to her closet to find an outfit. Her eyes wander until she finds a light blue Forever 21 t-shirt and a black Hollister skater skirt. She slips on her Vans and grabs her backpack. Once she is downstairs, she sees her sister, Envy, and her brother, Pride. Pride is tweeting about his goal in soccer. Envy is dressed in the same style of skirt but in a different color, Popularity grabs a low-calorie granola bar and runs outside. Her best friends are riding in Flirtation’s new sports car. Popularity gives a hug to Sassiness, Beauty, and Kindness. Flirtation starts the car and turns on “Hot Hits Radio”. From the side window, Popularity saw Envy waving her hands at the car from behind. Popularity rolled her eyes and started singing the #1 song of the week. Flirtation parked the car and winked at the boys in the front of the school. Popularity hopped out of the car and checked her phone. It was time to go to class.…

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