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I feel the author has over simplified the issues in some of his views and picked some extreme examples in this chapter.
According to the author, American churches with their theology have promoted an “alternate reality” which has no connection to the real world. People view Christianity as a set of instructions for the invisible “heavenly” realm but not for the visible, physical world.
How Churches Create Alternate Realities
Doug Murren really gets on his “soapbox” in this section. He believes there is a theology that teaches, “…if they “confess” properly, avoid doctors, ignore their symptoms, and act like they are healed, they will be healed.” (p. 182) He called this a fantasy belief. In his experience, he has met some that believe in this type of faith. He argues that staying away from doctors, counselors, and other professionals does not show faith, but stupidity (p. 182). I think Murren’s strong language is due to the experience with his bipolar disorder and the medication to control it. There is another side to the equation, which he does not talk about, but that is for another time. He cites examples of using the acknowledgement and his handling of his bipolar disorder to help others who found out they have the same issues. There is another fantasy called secularism, which declares that there is nothing beyond the visible, physical world. It is a “closed system.” The physical world is the only reality and God does not intervene. As Christians, we know there is a…

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