Analysis Of ' I Love Christmas Eve '

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I love Christmas Eve. Christmas is probably the time of the year where I am the happiest. The best Christmas Eve I have ever spent was with my family and some family friends in the winter of 2014. It was the greatest because I spent it with the boy I was in love with at that time. The only photograph that was captured that night of us was taken right before all the festivities started. We were setting up the music for that night and we took a few seconds to snap a picture on the laptop webcam before joining the party. The picture highlighted my happiness and the joyful feelings I had that night. In this snapshot it was close to our two year anniversary. The look on my face is blissful, content, in love – a look I always had when I was around him. I knew that he cared for me as much as I cared for him. There was such adoration, such gleefulness in the way I looked at the camera. I felt like there was nothing that could tear our closeness that created our bond. The bond we had made me feel supported, cared for, and trusted. This snapshot was taken a week before he confessed to me something that he had kept inside for almost ten years that completely changed his life, my life, and the life of his family. The confession he had to make was that he was gay. The boy who for two years I was in love with, the boy I spent family vacations with, the boy who I had my first kiss with, the boy who I spent Christmas with was gay. Little did I know that this disillusionment…

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