Analysis Of I Too Sing America

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America is a diverse place, which takes pride in accomplishments and hard work. The people come from different places and cultures, yet they all consider themselves American. This is a country that prides itself on freedom and was created with the vision of granting human rights. This is Walt Whitman's view in "I Hear America Singing". Everyone works with joy for America and there seems to be no sorrow. This American ideal is broken by Langston Hughes who writes, of the treatment of slaves, who are also American in "I, Too, Sing America". "I,Too, Sing America" builds upon Walt Whitman's ideas by first continuing the theme, then adding to the meaning of America and finally through displays of the American spirit which Langston Hughes describes. Langston Hughes, "I, Too, Sing America" is very similar in theme to Walt Whitman's, "I Hear America Singing", which makes Langston's poem seem as a continuation and builds onto Walt Whitman's. The titles themselves seem to be have a conversation or at least Hughes seems to be answering Whitman with the use of poetics. One way the author affects the reader is by, titling the work similarity to Whitman's. The author also shows the theme by contemplating the idea of the people of American. Whitman paints the picture of a jolly, hard working and free America. While Hughes places his focus on "the darker brother."(Langston) That is to say, that Hughes' focus is primarily placed on the African American population, especially those enslaved.
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