Analysis Of ' I Was A Puerto Rican, By Esmeralda Santiago

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Question 1 – Foreshadowing
“I push my cart away, toward the apples and pears of my adulthood, their nearly seedless ripeness predictable and bittersweet.” This quote, and entire prologue, are taken from the memoir When I was a Puerto Rican, by Esmeralda Santiago and they foreshadow that her whole life is changed, just like the fruit she eats and that are in her life. Santiago life is totally turned around in this memoir and the prologue shows that. The author “weaves” foreshadowing into the memoir by showing us how her life changed dramatically and once she came to the United States everything was different, just like fruit here in the United States and in Puerto Rico. The author uses the technique of foreshadowing to give something to look forward to in her story and build suspense and anticipation.
Santiago used foreshadowing to show that her life changed and that it changed a lot. Her life is foreshadowed that it will change and that she lets her past go. Leaving her past in the past and moving on with her present and future. Santiago’s life was horrible growing up. Her parents did not always get along, their home was not always safe, clean, and good for her and her family, they were always moving, etc. After they moved to New York, a couple years later, her life was changed. She was offered an acting role and then later on went to Harvard with a scholarship. As you can see, she left her past in the past and went on with her amazing new life. When I was a Puerto
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