Analysis Of ' I 'm Just A Kid '

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Analysis: Most people don’t realize when they listen to music what the lyrics of the song actually mean, for the most part people care about the beat, melody, and if it’s catchy, they look for a song they will get hooked on. Although lyrics are a big component in a song and play a major role in the liking of a song, they often tend to be underappreciated and not recognized as much as they should be. Furthermore the lyrics of a song tell a story, state an opinion and show the listener more than just words they hear. That brings us to the song “I’m Just a Kid” By Simple Plan. From hearing the song one can tell that the song is fun to listen to dance to and overall a relatively happy song, however from taking a deeper look and understanding of the lyrics one can see a whole new point of view. Simple Plans, “I’m Just a Kid” is told from an adolescent’s point of view, throughout the song the main character refers to himself as a kid. “I 'm just a kid and life is a nightmare/ I 'm just a kid, I know that it 's not fair/ Nobody cares, cause I 'm alone and the world is/ Having more fun than me”. In the verse the main character tells us he is a kid all alone in the world. Furthermore this verse shows us how the main character is truly not a kid although he calls himself a kid, For the most part kids have parents to care for them siblings, grandparents, friends, a whole list, and it is very unlikely that at young ages kids would be left out because at young ages people are taught to
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