Analysis Of ' I 'm Ridiculous '

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The next afternoon, as promised, Joan returned to Perceval’s chambers for a visit. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she willed away the thoughts, she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about Perceval’s head buried between her legs, or her mouth working his erection. Her heart pounded just imagining it and her face felt warm. In the past, she might have thought such acts were a little scary or overwhelming. But imagining engaging in such activities with Perceval was more exciting than anything else.
Still, there was a time and place to have such thoughts, and now was not the time.
“I’m ridiculous,” Joan admonished herself under her breath as she neared the castle. “Pull yourself together, Joan.”
She approached the guard and went through the same process as the day before: announcing herself to the guard, declaring she had no weapons, and stating her business. Joan was then permitted entry.
As she ascended the tower stairs, she had a wild idea: What would Perceval do if I pushed him into the bed and unlaced his trousers like Carina did to Sir Michael, and then...
She shook off the images as she knocked on Perceval’s chamber door and did her best to not think of cucumbers.
“Come,” said Perceval, answering her knock.
Terrible word choice! Joan thought.
She pushed open the heavy wooden door and entered. Today, Perceval wore his tunic and he sat at the dining table reading a book. Joan was thrilled to see him more up-and-about, but a part of her had hoped to catch another

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