Analysis Of Ibsen 's ' Hedda Gabler '

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Alexandria Cruz
English 215
Prof. Dalton
August 18, 2014
Assignment #3 Question 1
Since the beginning of time there have always been a particular set of societal and gender roles for men and women. Some were very openly known and others were known without even being said. The story of Hedda Gabler by Ibsen Henrick tells the story of what seems to be a disturbed woman and her manipulative charades that ultimately lead to her suicide. As one may say Hedda deserved her fate others may sympathize with Hedda and understand the pressures that were being placed upon her from society. During the Victorian period gender roles were strictly enforced and women had a certain place in society and that was it. Ibsen Henrick understood this and painted a vivid picture of the everyday life for women during the time and how lonesome, unfulfilling, and (INSERT WORD) it could have been for some. Granted not all women felt this way because they were so consumed by the society and tradition they merely followed suit, but there were women who began to feel the need to want more out of life and to be empowered and have control over their own destiny and Hedda Gabbler was one of those women. I don’t believe Hedda was just a disturbed and vindictive woman. I believe Hedda was a victim of societal pressure and her own circumstances and they drove her to do things she would not normally do if she was happy in her own home and in a more free and comfortable place in life.
The Victorian time period was

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