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In Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie, gruesome events hint towards each main character being a possible suspect. John Smith is the main character of the story that the readers know most about. Sherman Alexie gives John a mental disability in order to give the readers a suspect of being the killer. Reggie, Marie, Dr. Mather, and Jack Wilson are also main characters that can arguably be the killer. Reggie and Marie are the Indian killers because of the various death threats they make towards white men. Reggie refers to himself as an Indian. He is very intelligent but that's only because of his father. Reggie’s father is a rich white man and his mother is a poor Indian woman. His father would physically beat him in order to ensure that Reggie would not turn into a rebellious or dirty Indian. When he was young he preferred to be more white than Indian because he believed he was successful when he was treated like other white people. With the belief that being half Indian was bad, Reggie tried to hide his Indian culture. “I don’t know. Don’t care much, either” (96). When asked about his father, Reggie would blow off the question or respond with a careless answer. His father, being white, does not help Reggie’s thoughts about white people.
Ironically , as Reggie gets older he decides to start learning more about the Indian culture. The college class he takes at the University of Washington shows the readers how passionate he is about being Indian. Reggie and his professor, Dr. Mather, start to become good friends even outside of class. Dr. Mather is not an Indian but has a strong desire to be treated like one. Eventually, Dr. Mather started telling lies and reggie found out. “He’s a fucking liar” (Alexie 95). Reggie claims Dr. Mather is a liar because he told Reggie he would burn the tapes of Indians but never did. After that, Reggie punched Dr. Mather and was then expelled from the University. Dr. Mather is a big reason why Reggie dislikes white men and also feels he has to defend Indians.
Marie is an Indian activist who believes Indians don’t have the same rights as others. she is an independent woman who doesn’t back down from anyone. Her strong beliefs and determination of fighting for Indian rights leads

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