Analysis Of Injustice For Women: Disney And Mulan

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Injustice for women: Disney and Mulan
Maeson Hebert
CMST 101
Southern Illinois University

A.A College of DuPage
B.A Southern Illinois University
Little girls everywhere spend their childhoods watching the princesses portrayed in Disney movies, dreaming about the day they too will meet their prince charming. They see how Sleeping Beauty is woken up by a prince, Cinderella marries a prince, Belle even turns a beast into a prince, and all of these instances teach little girls to expect a sweet prince charming to sweep them off their feet someday. Disney is one of many film companies to be criticized for portraying an outdated illustration of gender roles. Time and time again, Disney would shell out
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Although Mulan is the kick butt girl protagonist, a majority of the film consists of male characters. "A 2010 study found that the ratio of males to females in top-grossing G-rated (general audience) films is 2.57 to 1" (Smith). While Mulan saves China, she did not do it alone. Without the help of Captain Shang amongst other men, she is depicted most of the movie as a helpless girl caught up amongst the boys. There are still no instances where a Disney protagonist has been the hero without the help of a male counterpart. In every case, Disney movies before the current releases, have depicted women as frail and dependent, while the men being masculine and brave. Mulan can be applauded for being one of the few movies in which the princess isn't a delicate character that needs saving. "Pocahontas, Mulan, and The Princess and the Frog, had princesses who displayed more masculine than feminine characteristics in their three most frequent characteristics. This suggests a chronological movement towards a more androgynous princess" (England). Mulan was seen as a step towards equality for the way gender roles are portrayed in film, however, there are still huge aspects of women in media. Rebecca Collins, a leading woman in the movement for feminism, studies how gender roles in films effect the youth. She states, "If young girls do not see themselves reflected in media, this diminish their…show more content…
In Mulan, one of the opening scenes show how the film depicts how women should act, what makes a respectable woman. "Quiet and demure, graceful, polite, delicate, refined, poised" (Mulan). Mulan fails to show herself as a respectable woman and is accused of bringing dishonor to her family because she is clumsy, not punctual, outspoken, and defiant. The Chinese society believes that men should be very masculine and fearless. When Captain Shang finds that his group of soldiers aren't as strong or as fearless as they are expected to be, he asks, "did they send their daughters when I asked for sons?"(Mulan). The men are also expected to play the roles of the breadwinners or warriors, while the women stay home as housewives. As they're marching to battle the soldiers sing about women back home. Many sing about women with good looks, and one sings, "it doesn’t matter what she looks like, it only matters what she cooks like" (Mulan). Mulan, disguised as a man, asks, "how about a girl who has a brain, and always speaks her mind?" to which all the men respond with a disgusted "nah"(Mulan). The movie depicts men who only desire women to be their housewives. This teaches young girls that they will only get their version of "prince charming" by being a desirable housewife. Therefore it is important for Mulan to challenge these ideals in order to teach children that
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