Analysis Of Interviews On Customer Sales Manager Positions

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Summary of Interviews The comparison of the interviewees’ answers clearly illustrate how different two business to customer sales manager positions can be. Both managers oversee sales directly to customers, but do so from a different platform, by receiving prospect leads from two completely different sources and with entirely different compensation plans. Both managers were similar, in the sense that they both had to develop their coaching and managing skills. As they moved up the ladder from sales person to sales manager, their responsibilities shifted from measure of ones performance to a group of 18 and 70 people Analysis of Interviews Fatima Fatima is a woman in her late 20’s, with some college education; she is married and has one child. Fatima’s parents are both entrepreneurial and leaders in their community. Her mother owned several fashion boutiques in Africa and has been sharing her experiences with her since Fatima was a young girl. Fatima felt it was very natural for her to sell shoes to women. She enjoys helping people feel good about themselves by helping them develop their style and increasing their fashion options. Fatima is the Department Manager of both Women’s Shoes and Salon Shoes (a higher end shoe division) in the Freehold, NJ Nordstrom’s store. She oversees 3 assistant sales managers and 15 sales people. The territory of her sales team is not limited by geographical location or by department; it is guided by customers that come to them and

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