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In the book Into the Wild written by John Krakauer, Chris McCandless plans to abandon his life and live off the land, traveling from South Dakota all the way to Las Vegas and many other remote locations in the U.S. There was something inside of Chris that drew him into the wilderness. In May of 1990, Chris took off, abandoning everything and everyone and set off into the wild, where he had big plans for his next two years. In the summer of 1992, Chris McCandless turned up dead in Alaska. A series of unfortunate events led to his death. Even though things didn’t turn out how Chris planned, he achieved everything he wanted. Ever since he was young, he had a passion that could only be attained by leaving everything behind and living off of…show more content…
He got a rush from being in the Alaskan wilderness. This kind of feeling isn’t easy to come by, and when you get it, you can’t let it go. Chris knew that anything could happen while he was alone, but he was determined that the only way to embrace life was to live life on the edge. For Chris, he knew what made him happy and he set out to ensure that he would live every day like this, even if that meant dying at a young age. He lived a life full of happiness and fulfillment and that is more than some people get in a lifetime. Chris believes that you will evolve to the person you want to be by experiencing new things.Chris takes advantage of what life has to offer, and that is one of the bravest things you can do. Throughout Chris’s adolescent years, there was something inside of him that drew him to the wilderness. A desire to leave behind his past perhaps, or just a passion that could only be satisfied through nature. As a young boy, his family would take camping trips every year. This was one of Chris’s favorite memories with his family. Walt, Chris’s father, reminisces and explains, “Chris loved those trips, the longer the better” (108). Everyone recognized his fascination with the wild. A yearly camping trip however, couldn’t fulfill his need to be in the wild. As Chris ventured into the Alaska wilderness, he discovered the happiness he was looking for his entire life. The happiness he was longing for was finally achieved. The happiness Chris

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