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Into The Wild. Nature is truth at its purest form of life: cruel, ruthless and impartial. Dubious about the utopian society we live in, Mccandless vies to find the world’s underlying truth in his Odyssey. Some of us want to be as courageous as Mccandless and leave behind everything for the sole purpose of finding the truth, but can not bring ourselves to do so because of our attachment to material things. Mccandless wants to understand human nature and nature itself, to do that, he rids himself of all attachments and travels to the places where he knows nature would be at its peak. In the book Walden mentioned throughout the story, Thoreau reveals: “Nature was here something savage and awful, though beautiful. I looked with awe at the ground I trod on, to see what the Powers had made there… Night” (Thoreau 172). I always tell myself that in today 's world we are not living. We are just surviving to see the next day. Just like McCandless said: "But this is not important. It is the experiences, the memories, the great triumphant joy of living to the fullest extent in which real meaning is found.”(37). He withstands many new experiences because he wants to live life at its fullest potential and does not want to conform to society 's standards. He wants to find truth and not lead the uniform life that has been mapped out for him since birth. ”We misread him”(20). Mccandless’ father observes rather dumbfounded. Mccandless’ family has high expectations of him, they want

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