Analysis Of Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison And Finding Nemo

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The process of maturation and growing up while moving through life is a different experience for every single person. Since this can vary so greatly from person to person, it may be hard to relate to others and their struggles. The concept of growing up could be considered as a blind person constantly encountering new situations, which have been invisible and foreign to them thus far in their life. These everyday struggles are what eventually help people in the long run while developing into the best person that they can possibly be. A bildungsroman by definition is a story that shows the progression of characters as they come to age throughout works of literature or film. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and Finding Nemo, which is Disney Pixar children’s movie, both share this common literary element as well as the theme of invisibility. The main characters of these two works find themselves fighting through their personal journey’s of life’s ups and downs in an endless daily cycle of finding out who they truly are while frequently feeling invisible to the general population they are surrounded by. Although growing up and changing as a person is never easy as new life experiences occur, Marlin, Nemo, and the Narrator find themselves as changed characters from the beginning to the end of these separate works.
Invisible Man can be seen as a story about the Narrator’s development. Since this book was written in the first-person tense, as a reader you are able to experience the
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