Analysis Of Ishmael

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Analysis of Ishmael

1) I do agree with what Ishmael (Quinn) saying in the above quote. Ishmael is saying that people are not ignorant of the fact that they are destroying the world, they are just egotistical and thinking only of themselves. “I'm sure he knows that any species in the wild will invariably expand to the extent that its food supply expands. But as you know, Mother Culture teaches that such laws do not apply to man.” (133) If the Takers don't change the way they live destruction will continue to exist and humans having their minds set, cant change it. “The rule of that law was and is sufficient. Mankind was not needed to bring order to the world" (146). Ishmael is explaining how humans believe that the world was created for
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Most people don't want to accept the fact that most of our usable water is used by animal agriculture. The bars of the cage are more metaphorical and are made out of people's ignorance and conscious choices that is wrong or…show more content…
I think the quote “ Obviously Mother Culture must be finished off if you're going to survive, and that's something the people of your culture can do. She has no existence outside your minds. Once you stop listening to her, she ceases to exist.” (144) really emphasizes Quinn's message because its says that people can stop being ignorant and realize whats happening to our world. Also, the quote “Within your culture as a whole, there is in fact no significant thrust toward global population control. The point to see is that there will be such a thrust so long as you're enacting a story that says the gods made the world for man.” (137) helps define Quinn's message by telling readers that if they don't except the fact that the world was made solely for them, they will have no control over what happens to the world. These quotes important to Quinn's ideas because it could help change the minds of readers and help educate them. Quinn is trying to let the reader know that if their ways do not change and they don't realize they are always right there will be
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