Analysis Of Israelite And Swartz 's Informative Article Essay

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In Israelite and Swartz’s informative article, “Reformulating the Feminist Perspective: Giving Voice to Women with Disabilities”, the various ways in which disabled people, and more specifically, disabled women live and are perceived is discussed. The authors’ underlying comments about this perception are a product of the comparison between two models of disability brought up in the text and the further analysis of the social model within its many social applications. However, the authors successfully isolate some faults in the aforementioned models which brings room for critiques and scrutiny. Firstly, the primary argument put forth by the authors of this article is the idea that even with numerous feminist movements and positive progressions in the ways that the female population is being integrated and better valued in society, the disabled members of these feminist groups are still not equivalent nor are they being perceived as equivalent relative to the nondisabled portion of feminists and that their status is not improving. They mention how, “mainstream feminist theories tend to privilege the functional capabilities and social role characteristics of ‘normal’ women” and that, “nondisabled women have severed them from the sisterhood in an effort to advance more powerful, competent, and appealing female icons” (Israelite, Swartz, 2013, p.155). This goes against the entire purpose of having social movements and entire academic disciplines related to the study of human

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