Analysis Of It's A Womans World By Eavan Boland

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In “It’s a Woman's World,” Eavan Boland utilizes several literary techniques to reveal the poem’s complex conception of a “woman’s world.” Boland sheds light on the static nature of a woman’s role in society, which sparks their desire to overcome the societal limitations that is put upon them by men. Through her sarcastic title, use of personification, and critical tone, Boland is able to expose both genders stereotypical responsibilities and to convey society’s desire to silence women’s outrage against their role in this world.
With the use of quotations, it is clear that Boland uses sarcasm to the words “woman’s world,” in order to represent just how ironic it is for it to be their world when women have no say in anything unless a man gives consent. The choice of details and use of a sarcastic title helps Boland portray her complex insights on the expectations placed on females in society. Although women are belittled as if they have no purpose in the world but being a man’s wife, their lives are much more important than what it is made out to be, which is advocated when it states, “Our way of life has hardly changed since a wheel first whetted a knife” (1-4). Boland explains that, though women’s rights are much more independent now than before, there are several aspects that remain the same as to where man is the dominant gender and rule the world. As wives, sisters, and mothers, however, the strength of women cannot be ignored when they are the ones making the world go

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