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J. Crew Ease or difficulty of shopping: J. Crew’s website allowed for easy shopping. The home page offered several ways to shop. You had the option of choosing a specific category such as women’s pants, you could browse through the “wear to work” collection they have put together, or you could have used the search bar that was provided to search for a specific item. Locating desired merchandise: I found that locating the desired merchandise, khaki pants, was a little difficult. Once I navigated to the women’s pants section I found that J. Crew had broken up the pants into the way they fit. I had no way to refine my search on this page. However, when I typed exactly what merchandise I was looking for in the search bar on the home page I was able to find the khaki pants quickly. Also, when I used the search bar I was able to refine my search with tabs reading women, men, girl, or boys. Merchandise and assortments: I found that J. Crew did not have a large assortment of women’s pants. After finding my desired merchandise, I saw that they offered only three types of khaki pants. What has J. Crew done to exploit the synergies between different channels? J.Crew has several ways to shop with their retail stores, online store, catalogs, and direct mail. They have done a few things to exploit the synergies between these different channels. One noticeable strategy that J. Crew uses is offering deals that can be used only online and giving students and teachers in store discounts

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