Analysis Of Jack London 's War

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In everyday society cruelty is faced, weather yet another person is arrested for the killing of and innocent animal, or even the seemingly never ending brutality of the police forces going viral on YouTube yet again. Of course we have the do not touch subjects, such as war. The constant debate over is killing innocent people okay, just because it’s war. Jack London really brings this point alive in his short story “War”. In this thought-provoking piece of literature the odd uses of characterization, symbolism, morals, and irony lead a reader to an overall statement of theme that simply war is cruel. Characterization, or lack of it in this case plays a dominate role in London’s short story. The reader never finds out why the central character and rival competitor are battle with each other. The conflict is brought to a simple effort of getting information for the scouts side of the fight. Still the readers are giving little to no background “He was a young man, not more than twenty-four or five, and he might have sat his horse with the careless grace of his youth had he not been so catlike and tense.” (London). I can infer from this this that this is his first war, he is inexperienced. Later on in the story, the antagonist is introduced. Comparable to the protagonist the antagonist’s previous history is for a reader to conclude on their own. The little given information t is “ {…} the man with the ginger beard {…} “ (London). This is a hard hitting point
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