Analysis Of Jack Welch's ' Winning '

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Central Theme: Winning by Jack Welch, touches on business success through different methods than normal business textbooks do; through the text Welch describes his view of what makes a business successful, through his personal experience obtained by serving GE as CEO. A corporation’s ability to win takes here are many factors that allow a corporation to win; whether it be a specific mission and clear building blocks that hold a corporation united, the way your corporation functions and handles everyday corporation decisions, the way competition is dealt with, and people doing their job correctly. Within corporations, there are lines, blurred between values of a corporation and the mission of one, many people do not see the difference between these popular words in business; nevertheless there is important differentiation between them. While a company’s mission statement tells consumers and investors where the corporation is going, the values of the corporation, tell the consumers and investors how the corporation plans to get there. There is great importance within the differentiation of these two common words found within a corporation, it is important for everyone within the corporation to aware of the mission statement and the values found within the corporation, because every decision to be made in the employees everyday jobs, should reflect the corporation’s vision in order for the corporation to reach that mission by acting with the values the corporation
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