Analysis Of Jackie Macdonald And Who It May Concern

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To Jackie MacDonald & Whom It May Concern, Over the course of the last 5 months I have experienced many challenges that have presented to me in a wide variety of ways, some of which presented themselves based on my acts of poor judgment, and others I enacted on my own behalf. Throughout this period of time I have set many goals both academic and personal based on my challenges which have allowed me to stay focused and driven to be successful. Having an opportunity for personal reflection I have learned many things about myself and how I function, learn, and perform which as allowed me to grow mentally, personally, and spiritually. I now know and have gained a better understanding for how I think and feel, and how the decisions that I make on a daily basis shape my future. It is important for me to pay attention to how my actions have affected myself and those around me in that past and consider it as I move through life in the future.
Over the term of my probation I have had the opportunity to reconsider many aspects of how I went about life on a daily basis prior to my offense and how those choices weren 't a positive influence on myself and those around me. I have been able to use this period of time to reflect back on my choices and re-evaluate them to be successful and healthy both now and in the future. Today I have a better understanding of the nature of my offense and am grateful for those that have given me the opportunity to have this self reflection. I have…
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