Analysis Of Jacqueline Hicks, Laura Hicks And Amanda Mcelvoy

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Thursday June 30th I received a call from Kalene, where she explained to me briefly regarding a situation that has come to light involving Suzanne Hurd, Jacqueline Hicks, Laura Spencer, and Amanda McElvoy. Kalene ask if I could meet with Suzie in the CCC conference room, and I agreed to meet. Once in the meeting, Suzi began to cry while making me aware of what she feels is harassment towards her personally; in retaliation to a social media post she was subject to by Jacqueline Hicks Facebook post, which has been going on now for 3 weeks. Suzi admitted she posted a rebuttal, and says she knows now she should have never responded. Suzie went so far as to say she feels she’s being sabotaged by Jacqueline since she’s her processor, who went from processing relatively faster than when all of this started, not to mention she’s being insubordinate by her current actions towards her leadership/ directions. In addition, to all the harassment, she feels she’s working in a hostile environment, where Laura Spencer, who at one point was her good friend, is afraid to speak to her, since Laura has no backbone and will not speak up to Jacqueline and the rest of the group. Suzie says, Amanda will walk by her desk with her head dropped, and will only speak to her softly, so the others cannot hear her speak and retaliate against her. Furthermore, Suzie feels the office setting is no place to host social/ political debates. Suzie said, since the hold Pulse incident that Ashlei Ross does

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