Analysis Of James Baldwin 's ' The Fire Next Time '

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The history of America was followed by awful times involving slavery, racial segregation and inequality of African Americans living in the United States. During this atrocious time period, many African Americans had hope in their lives of America being entitled as one united nation ignoring the color of skin. James Baldwin was one of many important figures during the Black Arts Movement (1960s -1970s). He wrote many influential essays and poems that impacted many people’s views on the history and hardships African Americans went through living in America. James Baldwin explains in his essay that black people in America have to accept the way of white people in their own views. Baldwin shows the reader what it is like to be a “negro” and what they have to go through everyday life in his essay. Through his own views he describes the negative history of blacks in a way of acceptance, hope and a vision for equality.
Baldwin writes his first essay in the book “The fire Next Time” for his nephew on advice for the survival of living in the society they are in. The race relations during this time period was of police brutality, riots, violent and nonviolent protests. Baldwin describes race relations in America through the meaning of acceptance, he writes to his nephew about what he has to do in the society he lives in to cope with living as a black person in America. Baldwin’s influences through the church and through religious backgrounds attained him the ability to relate his
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