Analysis Of James Baldwin 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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When individuals’ hold hatred in their minds, they will be more aggressive to others, especially to the higher level authority. In James Baldwin’s story, he is not happy with the white people’s power. He is full of the hatred. When he purposely went to the “non-colour” restaurant, he tries to challenge the higher levels. Baldwin writes, “I pretended not to have understood her, hoping to draw her closer … I realized that she would never come any closer and that I would have to strike from a distance.” He wants to know why the whites are the stronger group, why the whites can destroy his hopes. However, when he found out the whites are weaker than him but still having more powers, he turns his hatred into violence. Baldwin writes, “I picked this up and hurled it with all my strength at her. She ducked and it missed her and shattered against the mirror behind the bar.” He is angry and being violence, and those violence comes out from his hates. When people looking down on him, his despairs bitterness and hatred make him want to get the respects from the higher authority. He was waiting for “the higher authority” to throw him out, but the reality makes him even more upset. Relating to the cops in the Freddie Gray, the reason of their aggressiveness is also about getting respects. The policemen who worked at inner city will afraid of local community. Those policemen has despair and bitterness inside of them, because they can be in dangerous by just going to the work. They work at

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