Analysis Of James Baldwin 's ' The Sonny 's Blue Reading '

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1. James Baldwin was a famous write who talk about issues that were affecting society. He mainly wrote about racist discrimination, Baldwin was a victim by the daily judgments attitudes of the community. He was influenced by the situation of blacks in his country as well as his personal experience of poverty when he lived in Harlem. For instance in the sonny’s blue reading, the narrator mentioned he lived in a housing project and he said “I had the feeling that I was simply bringing him back into the danger he had almost died trying to escape”. The narrator and his bother sonny knew how dangerous, poor, and neglect neighbor they were living. Even sonny said “I wanted to leave Harlem so bad was to get away from drugs”. In the reading, he also focused in the importance of brothers boundaries. The relationship between sonny and the narrator had the good and bad moments; when they were little they were closed to each other. We can tell by the way the narrator recall the moment sonny was born, the dreams of sonny of going to India, and the fact that sonny loved to read about people specially nature. For instanced he remembered that “I caught him before he fell when he took the first step he ever took in this world”. However, this boundaries were falling apart when their mother died and the narrator decided to went to the army. He clearly reflected the importance of the cultural and political revolution that changed the county in the World War II. The narrator mentioned the time
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