Analysis Of James Henry Whitakers 's ' A Mini Club Man ' Essay

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Introduction: In 1890 James Henry Whitakers founded this organization making his own in Christ church home using his horse and van (today it’s a mini club man), formerly when he was working for a confectioner in England, at the age of 14 he first got a taste for the stuff. Then he came to Newzealand.It in 1890’s and began to put this chocolate expertise into business and e himself sells it door to door. (And now this was the third generation of Whittaker family leading this business in chocolate world.) In 1896 he moved to wellington to make Australia’s premium chocolate from them he started elaborating his business. In 1913, his sons Ronald & James join him in partnership to for J.H.Whittaker and sons. This company supports motor & equestrian sports nationality (Newzealand’s).Their Business took off over the years with chocolates being eagerly sought by more & more respected retailers. Retailer’s played a vital role in taking off J.H.Whittaker Business over years in the chocolate world. Their family saying “Blood is thicker than water and chocolate is thicker than that.” The Company themselves controls its entire manufacturing process, calling itself a “Beam to Bar manufacturer, to ensure top – Quality products. E-MARKETING STRATEGY – Newzealand’s most trusted Brand In 1992 the company formed J.H.Whittaker Australia Ltd.The Company’s marketing phrases include “A Passion for chocolate since 1896 & “Good honest chocolate.”And by the reader’s Digest survey this company is

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