Analysis Of James Miller 's ' The Heart Of Movement ' Essay

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Stephanie Scull Millet conducted this interview on May 24th, 2000 in Mass Point, Mississippi. James Miller tells Stephanie what it was like to live and experience Jim Crow and the Civil Right Movement in the heart of movement, his home-- Mississippi. The purpose of this Narrative Analysis is to learn through a primary source, in this case James Miller, what life was like for African Americans during the time of Jim Crow segregation, and how the civil rights movement enacted change through his life. Miller was primarily regarded for being a pioneer in relation to labor discrimination, and successfully standing up for himself. However, Miller draws upon important memories of his childhood and education that are pivotal to understand Jim Crow. This examination will provide examples from the interview, as well as identify a common theme throughout Miller’s story that relates to the Civil Rights Movement. While reading this interview, Millet never asked a question that would impose Miller to answer directly as to why he agreed to the interview. However, after reading the entirety of the article it’s easily inferred that Miller endured a lot throughout the movement in Mississippi. Miller answers questions very in depth, and provides personal information about his family and the course of his life, even going back to a question if something else popped into his head that he had forgotten. His carefully worded his answers, and even explaining his parent’s injustice they
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