Analysis Of James Simpson And Nicole Brown

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Orenthal James Simpson and Nicole Brown met each other in 1977 while Nicole was a waitress at a Beverly Hills nightclub in southern California ( Editors). When the two had met in 1977, O.J. was currently married to his first wife Marguerite. In 1979, O.J. divorced his first wife and began dating Nicole Brown ( Editors). Six years after they had started dating, Nicole and O.J. had got married. That same year, they had their daughter Syndey and in 1988 they had their son Justin ( Editors). The marriage between Nicole and O.J. was not anything near perfect. Nicole was seen by friends and relatives with bruises on her body. It was concluded that O.J. had been abusive towards Nicole ( Editors). O.J. was not faithful towards Nicole along with being abusive. There were many abusive incidents between the two, but the worst was in 1991. In 1991, Nicole was beaten so badly that she had called 911 and O.J. who was intoxicated at the time was arrest. He did not face many consequences, but from there their marriage did not last much longer because in 1992 Nicole filed for a divorce ( Editors). After their marriage had end, Nicole tried to better herself and keep her distance from O.J. This was not as successful as she had wished because after the divorce O.J. was known to follow her around ( Editors). Nicole says, “I go to the gas station, he’s there. I’m driving, and he’s behind me” ( Editors).…
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