Analysis Of Jamieson 's ' The Double Bind ' And ' A Bitch '

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Jamieson (1995) Beyond the Double Bind, Double Bind Number Four: Femininity/Competence
The sixth chapter in Jamieson’s (1995) book Beyond the Double Bind works strictly with the bind of femininity and competence. This is the bind where women have to balance a fine line between feminine and masculine without tipping the scale. If a candidate shows too much femininity, she risks losing brains, and authority. On the other hand, if a candidate is not feminine enough, she becomes too masculine, strong, shrew, and a bitch. According to Jamieson, gender stereotypes and gendered language are factors reinforcing the bind. The more women begin taking posts traditionally held by males, the more people view them as competent leaders. By taking leadership positions, women being to dismantling the standards of the femininity/competence bind. Many double binds exist for female candidates and the femininity/competence bind is more apparent in their representation in the news media.

Erika Falk (2013) Clinton and the Playing-the-Gender-Card Metaphor in Campaign News.
A recent study by Falk (2013), critically examines the discourse of the playing-the-gender-card metaphor in news coverage of Hillary Clinton from November 1- 8, 2007. The media’s use of the metaphor during this time follows the October Democratic debate, Clinton’s “Pile On” advertisement, and her speech at her alma mater Wellesley College. Seeking to examine the discourse in the mass media, Falk shows the power the…
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