Analysis Of Jamison Technology Institute ( Jti )

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Jamison Technology Institute (JTI) is a small technology company founded in Canada that creates smart phones with their main target market being business people. JTI has been successful over the past two years in Canada, and has decided to expand to Germany. What will be focused on is what we need to know about German employment trends, legal aspects, social norms, what is needed for expatriate employees, recruitment and selection processes, and a recommendation for expansion. This will help JTI know what is expected when expanding over to Germany, as this is the first try in expanding into an international market. The information found for this report was secondary research. The findings are not very surprising, there are differences in the German culture compared to Canadian culture. My recommendation is to hire on two local Germans to help JTI with recruitment and selection processes as well as creating and properly translating employment contracts. We should also send over two expatriates who are high level managers and have been working with the company for the past two years. I believe we are going to have trouble hiring on employees, due to the professional shortage in the technical sector in Germany. Employment Trends Germany 's unemployment rate is 4.2% as of August 2016. Based on the graph below (Figure 1) it shows that the unemployment rate has been slowly falling over the past year, which means there are less people looking for jobs in Germany. Figure 1 -

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