Analysis Of Jane Austen 's ' Pride And Prejudice '

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In novels, there is often one character that represents a beacon of hope for everyone around them. In the midst of war, death, and suffering, this character is capable of making the others smile and laugh. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Bennet acts as this type of light source. She stays positive in almost every situation. She looks for the best in every individual and is rarely negative, even when those around her are. Throughout the novel, Jane Austen exposes the reader to Jane’s bubbly and positive personality and allows the reader to form an accurate opinion on Jane. Austen creates Jane’s optimistic, trusting and generous personality through the positive things others say about her, her own cheerful lines, and Jane’s actions towards everyone she encounters. Elizabeth Bennet, Jane’s closest sister, offers the reader insight into Jane’s emotions and character. Throughout the novel, Elizabeth praises Jane’s forgiving and optimistic attitude, especially when it comes to dealing with people. Elizabeth remarks to Jane that “you never see a fault in anybody” when Elizabeth refers to people Jane had previously liked (11). When Elizabeth says this, the reader is able to see what Jane’s character is like. It was stated that Jane is most open with Elizabeth, thus Jane would speak to Elizabeth about negative opinions she may have on an individual. If Jane had believed that there was something wrong with an individual she would talk about this with Elizabeth. However,…
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