Analysis Of Jane Goodall 's ' The Forests Of Gombe '

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The relationship between human to the different surroundings Technology has developed fast in the modern society. People depend on the technological benefits and keep an intimate relationship with it. However for a long time, human seek for the harmony between human, the nature and a society. In the article “In the Forests of Gombe”, Jane Goodall talks about the relationship between people and nature. After her husband died, she goes to the forests of Gombe and stays with the chimpanzees to get understanding of human and nature. She mentions that human and nature need to keep a harmonious relationship which are difficult to achieve in the modern society of the “robotic moment”. Sherry Turkle, in the article “ Alone together”, argues that the technology would affect the whole society in relationship and connection with the nature. She talks about how the robots develop into the humans and their reaction about technology. Technology gives a high quality of human’s life however, it also makes them lose ability to communicate with the society. Both the articles mention the relationship between human to nature and society. Unlike the individual harmony Goodall built with nature, technology cannot build the harmony among people because it sabotages authenticity, connections and unique identities. People need to keep a connection with the outside world to achieve harmony, however technology sometimes cannot build an intimate connection with human
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