Analysis Of Japan 's ' The House '

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In a land called Japan, lay a run down shack in between mountain Fuji and a forest. From a look, the shack will collapse from any second by the early winds that blew across the sky. As the sun starts to rise from the east, wild animals awaken from their slumber to hunt. Inside the house(shack), lays a man stirring from his sleep. As he opens his eyes, they shine forest green as he stared at open space. As I opened my eyes from darkness, light shined from the little open space of straws that lay on my ceiling. Staring off into space, his eyes shined wisdom and melancholy as he absentmindedly thought of the past. “It’s been 9 years now huh”, I said as I started to get off from my bed. As I got out of my house, I started my morning routine of exercising by jogging around the forest with a 400Ib rock above my waist. You might be wondering why I can lift up a 400lb rock right? Well, as I live alone in the forest now, I gotta get into shape to hunt my own food, don’t I? Am I homeless? Well, not really because I, in some kind of way, am rich. If I am rich, then why am I here? Well, I like to be one with nature. It is quiet and peaceful with no one around to disturb me. If I am rich then why didn’t I build a better house? Well, first of all, I am too lazy as it takes too much time, and second of all, I just don’t feel like it. How did I get rich? Well, in high school junior years, I was what you called a delinquent kid that always got into fights. That time, I was a somewhat
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