Analysis Of Jean Dubois 's ' The Battle We Wage '

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DuBois’s purpose is to try to convince people to see blacks as equal to whites, and DuBois largely uses people’s patriotism to make his readers relate and associate with his cause. These appeals to emotion, combined with his strong voice and diction, create an effective argument for equal rights and treatment for all people. DuBois uses patriotism to make people feel guilty and ashamed in order to align people with his cause of equal rights for all people, white and black. DuBois feels that equality is necessary for all people not only because the Constitution states that “all men are created equal”, but because it is a human right that belongs to any freeborn American. “The battle we wage is not for ourselves alone but for all true…show more content…
DuBois feels that inequality will slowly eat away at America because inequality requires people to have different morals and ethics than the ones used to build our nation, which weakens our foundation.”Separation in railways and street cars, based simply on race and color, is un-American, un-democratic, and silly.” Dubois is once again attempting to create a feeling of guilt. DuBois creates guilt by calling the people that are in favor of segregation not only un-American, but just silly. DuBois’s purpose in creating these emotions in the audience is to get them to side with his cause, to reflect on their previous actions and thoughts and realize that they aren’t doing the right thing, and that they should start listening to DuBois. DuBois uses a chiasmus to engage his audience with a call to action in order to persuade his audience to fix problems with segregation. Dubois wants all children to be given the opportunity of a proper education, not just white children, because he feels that the school systems in the South are a “disgrace and in few towns and cities are Negro schools what they ought to be.” DuBois wants the national government to “step in and wipe out illiteracy in the South” he then goes out and states that “Either the United States will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.” The chiasmus DuBois uses is meant to produce an ultimatum, to give the audience
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