Analysis Of Jeff Bezos, Founder And Ceo Of

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In my analysis of Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of I investigate if his leadership exemplifies the qualities of effective and ethical conscious leadership. I also examine an alternative perspective into the ethics and dynamics of how Jeff interacts with his employees. In order to be an effective leader it is imperative to develop a distinct leadership philosophy statement. Establishing this personal leadership philosophy will serve as a guide and reminder to consistently live out these principles. To improve leadership, it is essential to evaluate other leaders and equally important to reflect on one’s personal leadership and philosophy. Jeff Bezos gains compliance from his employees though the use of expert power. According to…show more content…
The leadership style of the Jeff Bezos is transformational. An example of Jeff being a transformational leader is when employees are required to memorize the Leadership Principles that he created. According to the Leadership Principles they contain inspiration and expectations of behavior and how to address customer concerns (). The Leadership Principles not only communicate the well-defined expectations but serve as a reminder to have motivation. Jeff is able to gain the influence of his employees and transform the working environment and culture. The ability to modify behavior is the main reason that his leadership style is effective. Jeff Bezos is an effective conscious leader that supports the values of conscious capitalism. “Conscious businesses—that is, businesses that become conscious of their higher purpose, which is not just about maximizing profits and shareholder value (Krietner & Kinicki,2013, p.64).” Trust is associated with conscious leadership. The use of his expert power has gained Jeff trust from the general public, customers, shareholders and employees. One of the key proponents of conscious capitalism is being customer centered and ethical. Jeff has developed leadership principles that align the needs of the organization and employee which is ultimately practicing conscious business. An alternative perspective of
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