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d/Summary was founded in the year of 1994. The founder of this company is Jeffrey Bezos. Jeffrey Bezos is still the CEO of to this day and is working every day to expand the business. The online retail store opened its virtual stores in July of 1995 (Fitzsimmons, 2014). During the early days of the company, its focus was on selling books which is very different from today. Every year the company continued to make more and more sales but did not record a profit. The first year the company had a profit was at year end in 2003 (Perez, 2004). This was a big step for Amazon as they continue to grow and introduce themselves into new markets. focuses on brand loyalty which helps capture…show more content…
Key Demands of Industry / Organization - John Amazon, as an organization understands the needs of their customers on a much deeper level than its competitors as well as focuses on constant improvements in the market. Currently, their major focuses are e-books, Amazon DynamoDB, a personalized shopping experience, and expansion into various retail outlets. (Fitzsimmons 2014) Amazon has proven to be very successful with their bookstore business, replacing the need for retail large bookstores such as Barns and Noble and Borders and local bookstores. Amazon understands that customers are demanding an online retailer that understands what their wants and needs are. Henceforth, Amazon has created databases and technology that creates a very personalized shopping experience for each and every Amazon shopper. As an organization, Amazon understands that this market is still being developed as technology increases. Amazon strives to have their solutions all be backed with advanced technology that puts the customer first and creates strong brand loyalty. In doing this Amazon not only builds a stronger client base, but can truly understand their customers on a level that is a wonderful service for their shoppers.
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Amazon is led by the great entrepreneur Jeffrey Bezos who helped found the company back in 1995. Bezos has been said by many to only be concerned by sales and not overall profit. Instead,
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