Analysis Of Jim Crow 's Counterculture

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Jim Crow 's Counterculture
The book “Jim Crow`s Counterculture” is developed around the issues of racial discrimination, and development of music as a reaction to employment activism. Through the book development of blues music is understood as detailed journey taken by African Americans and motivated by social factors. Its thematic concepts are built around a musical biography. The author has an interest in blues music genre, and its development relationship with blacks and whites communities. He adopted a critical approach towards racial differentiation and political identity. According to Lawson (175), blues artist soon realized that nationality was a better approach to ethnicity than racial limitations. The blues scholar approached the genre as a gradual development triggered by a stale relationship between various races. Racial segregation led to development of biased political identities. While many persons realized that political agenda could be achieved by defining people as either white or black. The book inspires a reader to think of blues as political culture. The history of blues is one rich with racial ideologies. Initially, blues did not look at society from a national development point. The book reveals a contrasting identity between eighteenth century and twentieth century blues. According to Cox and Warner (96), modern music is accommodative of all cultures. Initially blues had a somewhat anti development motivation, blues music did not sell the idea of…

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