Analysis Of Jimmy Valentine

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Prisoner 9762, Jimmy Valentine, has been released from prison. Jimmy Valentine, a prisoner for stealing money from banks and served 10 months before being freed, but it wasn’t long before he was back at it. Suddenly, Jimmy Valentine disappears and emerges Ralph D. Spencer who has taken Jimmy’s place. Jimmy Valentine was trying to live a moral life because he was honest, respectful, and responsible. Jimmy Valentine was trying to live a moral life because he showed honesty. On page 5, paragraph 14 it says, “Get away from the door… He set his suitcase on the table.” This shows that Jimmy was just trying to help Agatha get out of the safe and he wasn’t trying to steal any money like he used to do. Secondly, when Jimmy was writing a letter to his friend, he mentioned that Annabel, his fiance, believed in him. This shows that Jimmy was honest about wanting to marry Annabel because he truly loved her, not just because her father owned the local bank. Lastly, after Jimmy moved, he promised to himself that he’d give away his tools to a friend, showing that he no longer wanted to be…show more content…
First, they argue that Jimmy only married Annabel Adams just because she was the daughter Mr. Adams, the owner of the local bank. Though he might’ve thought that at first, Jimmy soon realizes that he truly loves Annabel and changes his old ways. Secondly, some may say that after he went back to robbing Ben Price would find him. Though that can be assumed, once Ben Price does see Jimmy again he realizes that he’s just trying to live a normal life and Ben lets him go. Lastly, some think that Jimmy would’ve sold his tools right away if he was trying to live a moral life. Though this may be true, Jimmy did have to think about it a little before he finally decided to give them to a friend. Though many people think Jimmy was not trying to live a moral life, it is easy to see that he truly was trying to live a moral
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