Analysis Of Jodhpur Girl Moves Petition And Annul Child Marriage

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"Jodhpur Girl Moves Petition to Annul Child Marriage." Times of India [Mumbai] 15 May 2015: n. pag. Global Issues in Context. Web. 7 Feb. 2016.
Santadevi, a nineteen year old Indian woman, was married as an infant. She and her parents now seek to annul her marriage on the grounds that it was an illegal union of minors, but Sanwlaram, the one to whom she was married, and the village community refuse to consent to this annulment and attempt to force her to accept the marriage with fines and threats of kidnap and ostracization. To the village community, local traditions and laws established by the village council, the panchayat, hold much more weight than federal law, so "an adamant and unrelenting Sanwlaram is said to have warned Santadevi that court did not mean anything to him and the matter would be solved in the local panchayat", revealing the blatant disregard for federal law that fosters child marriage. Kriti Barthi, a member of the Saarthi Trust, is helping Santadevi in the legal process to not only annul the child marriage, but to file a case against the members of Santadevi 's community for harassing her.
Santadevi, a nineteen year old Indian woman married as an infant, is seeking to annul her child marriage. It is clear that her local village community is working with Sanwalaram, her (illegal) husband, in an effort to stop her from annulling this marriage, since "the panchayat of Santadevi 's village Rohichan Khurd had not only threatened to
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