Analysis Of John Galt 's ' The Eyes Of Dagny Taggart '

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In the eyes of Dagny Taggart, Vice-President in charge of operations at Taggart Transcontinental Railroad, John Galt is worthless. The simple thought of his name brings out a bitter taste in her mouth. She thinks he is an empty shell of man who is below even the lowest of criminals. Taggart may as well call John Galt an "it" because he is not worth being called a human being, at the time.
Nevertheless, John Galt is a man whether Taggart feels like he is a worthy one or not. Galt is the definition of a mystery. Even citizens are not sure of the whereabouts of John Galt. He is simply unidentifiable. It is as if he lurks in the shadows and not a soul can find him, but they psychologically know he is there. The thought of his name only emerges an unanswerable and often wondered question: who really is John Galt? Moreover, John Galt got his start from Twentieth Century Motors as an engineer. He soon realized while working there that the exercise of communist principles became a burden on the workers. Galt could see right through the business’s actions unlike any of the other workers. It was as if they were slaves that were bound to the company.
Consequently, he decided to take initiative and put it to an end by declaring “to stop the motor of the world.” It was as though the company were trying to embed evil practices into the worker’s monotonous workload. Galt’s pure genius helped him devise a plan to stop these wretched procedures, and what better idea for employees to…
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