Analysis Of John Keats 's Poem

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What is the poem about and what is happening in the poem? This poem revolves around the words “to sleep” and can show an in depth meaning about these two words. In this poem John Keats was explaining that one of life’s best pleasures in this world is to “to sleep”. This is because people are asleep and their mind can be free, also because lives troubles can be set aside. When sleeping people can place themselves in a peaceful environment. Through the later verses though, he expresses the only solution is to wait for death. Keats is narrating a story about himself. Another interpretation can be , is that he is really sick “Upon my pillow, breeding many woes”. He knows that his end is coming soon and that he would like to go now so he doesn’t have to suffer any more. Who is speaking in this poem? In this poem John Keats is speaking in this poem and he is talking about his life and how he wants to leave the world that is causing him so much pain. How does the poem look on the page? This Sonnet is a Shakespearean sonnet and is composed of fourteen verses made up of two quartets and two trios. How does the poem sound? The rhyme structure is: ababcdcd bc fgfg. There is rhyme in some of the verses including: midnight, light-shine, divine-close, throws-hoards, wards- mole, sole. Each line has ten syllables. Definitions - Embalmer: to treat (a corpse) with preservatives in order to prevent decay - Benign: gentle; kindly - Embowered: surround or shelter (a place or person) -
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