Analysis Of John Mcmanus Seeking Truth In Journalism

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one side of a story rather than the whole truth. News sources understand this concept and give people what is wanted to be heard. The media uses propaganda techniques to buy viewers to believe something. Society, without full acknowledgement of what is being, will believe a story so quick and not do research. This generation now has many resources to get different views rather than just getting one opinion from a news station. Most teens nowadays have more technology and resources, it is unimaginable. Only recently have times changed, all these reliable sources have not been around forever. In the old days all society had was television and the radio, so it was not so simple to find out what was really going on. No one knew the truth…show more content…
Raise in media bias is a very common play throughout the whole world to evade people from seeing the truth or another side of an argument. In order to find the truth in journalism an individual must be willing to seek out different reports on television or newspaper. On an article called “Seeking Truth in Journalism” by John Mcmanus he states, “It’s now up to us to construct our own truth filters in the face of a communication revolution that has created profound paradoxes.” Mcmanus has phrased if a person wants to observe if a report is credible of its information it is recommended to be inquisitive and perform a “SMELL” test to check for the value of the given data. With With the help of the test many reports can be scrutinized and found to be unreliable and unhonest. The intelligence of reports can be obtained by another news collector or first hand by the reporter and can have distorted information and turn out to be a fraud. With many news sources worldwide it is easy to acquire different views of a situation and also for newscast to have groups of political view. Cable, mass media, Fox, and many more sources have goals with specific interest so caching details that reveal the opposing interest is very common to happen in the
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