Analysis Of John Milton 's ' Paradise Lost '

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Inner light in Satan Epic heroism is a category that can pertain to many different subjects considering on what they have done or been through. No matter good, bad, or evil some of these subjects can find a way to make themselves that epic hero that best fits them. An epic hero goes by the definition of, a brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements or affected by grand events. This being said can make any possible being, an epic hero if that being has done what is required. In John Milton’s, “Paradise Lost”, the character of Satan presents itself as an epic hero, Milton tests that the character of Satan forces the reader to consider the possibility that Satan may actually be a hero, or at the very least, a character worth seeing in a more complex light. This along with the following examples are all showing how the character of Satan in “Paradise lost”, can be view and is viewed as an epic hero thought the novel. Throughout biblical and mythical texts Satan is always perceived as the evil willed and tempting character. It is just how he is viewed because of what he is believed to be and what he has done, but in “Paradise Lost”, Milton portrays him to slightly be a hero and if not that than simply, someone trying to find a more complex grasp on the light he is trying to seek. As the plot unfolds, the reader can comprehend with Satan’s disappointments and greedy desires. Though in the novel, Milton introduces a God who is wrathful and
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