Analysis Of John Milton 's Paradise Lost

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Heroism in John Milton’s Paradise Lost
There are many definitions of a hero, and establishing the hero in John Milton’s Paradise Lost has been object to scholarly debate. One definition of a hero is that by Aristotle, who defined a hero as a person who is divine and superhuman. However, other definitions encompass the aspect of virtue in heroism. Despite all the definitions for a hero, it remains factual that a hero would be someone that the readers would delight in relating to. A hero is an object of admiration and it would make sense for readers to want to emulate and celebrate him. Milton does an impeccable job of relating the Biblical Fall of Man to an intriguing literary piece whose purpose is to “justify the ways of God to Man” as he states at the beginning of Book I. Through various books in the epic poem, the reader is able to relate to each character and it soon becomes apparent that each character is a hero in their own unique way.
In the poem, Satan is portrayed as a tragic hero. Satan leads a legion of Fallen Angels in an Angelic War against God. According to Satan, God is a tyrant and his domination in Heaven was oppressive. Even though God has positioned himself as the ultimate creator of everything in Heaven, Satan still maintains that angels are self-created and self-sustained. Through his character development in the poem, it becomes evident that Satan possesses many compelling qualities that would in no doubt intrigue the…
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