Analysis Of John Milton 's Paradise Lost

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Heroism in John Milton’s Paradise Lost
There are many definitions of a hero, and establishing the hero in John Milton’s Paradise Lost has been object to scholarly debate. One definition of a hero is that by Aristotle, who defined a hero as a person who is divine and superhuman. However, other definitions encompass the aspect of virtue in heroism. Despite all the definitions for a hero, it remains factual that a hero would be someone that the readers would delight in relating to. A hero is an object of admiration and it would make sense for readers to want to emulate and celebrate him. Milton does an impeccable job of relating the Biblical Fall of Man to an intriguing literary piece whose purpose is to
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He does not feel defeated and depressed even though he loses the war against God. He is still optimistic and urges his fellow fallen angels to remain vigilant as their cause is still worthy. In Book I, he addresses his legion that;
All is not lost- the unconquerable will,
And study of revenge, immortal hate,
And Courage never to submit or yield:
And what is else not to overcome? (106-109)
Evidently, Satan’s capacity for action and his dire rebelliousness has no knowledge of limits. He is unhindered and has an irresistible will to overcome obstacles. Milton presents Satan as admirable and highlights him as a tragic hero. Through the soliloquy in Book IV, the heroism of Satan is portrayed through the elaboration of his true character. Milton portrays Satan as a self-aware and sympathetic leader who is ready to strive against all odds.
The Satan in Paradise Lost, unlike the historical biblical figure has been established as a tragic hero whom readers of the epic can admire and revere. This is the major reason that many readers have established Satan to be the hero in Milton’s Paradise Lost. He is a strong leader who realizes his weaknesses but is not willing to go down without a fight. According to Satan, God created him with full knowledge of his evil capacity. As such, it is his creator who should be blamed for the desire to destroy human kind that is so alive in Satan. He can’t believe that he was God’s most beautiful angel. His greed for power causes him to lead a
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