Analysis Of John Milton 's ' Paradise Lost '

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Within holy heaven, Satan infuses the sin of pride into the atmosphere by raising up against God, the King of all authority. Such opposition meets the Lord of all who casts this arrogant angel down into the depths of hell—a place where evil abounds. This opposition proves only the beginning of ensuing war which will intensify until God silences it in the depths of hell. In Paradise Lost, John Milton uncovers the brewing embers of this war right from its first spark. Milton expounds upon the fall of Satan with the intent of giving his readers a taste of the tension which this war between God and Satan gives. This taste will spark an understanding within the readers’ mind of the presence of this ongoing present war. Throughout this piece of…show more content…
With evil and rebellious pride intertwined, Satan will and can never consider untangling these fibers but will strengthen them through his resolve to war. Satan’s fall from his rank of esteem transformed him into the antithesis of evil. As a fallen creature of God, Satan no longer loves holiness and righteousness. Instead, he wars against anything that reflects the pure character of God. Since Satan’s character opposes the character of God, Milton coined the name, “Apostate Angel,” to denote his enmity against God (1.125). In every aspect of his mindset, actions, and motives, Satan acts in opposition to the manner that God acts. Essentially, the enmity seeps down to the very core and essence of Satan’s being. Not one fiber of Satan’s being desires to do good but only evil. Satan’s new fallen character gives allegiance only to strengthening and carrying out of evil. For all eternity, Satan wars against God by twisting and seeking to destroy the will of God. Not even for a moment will Satan rest from pursuit this goal. All of Satan’s energies, “must be to pervert that end”—the will of God which triumphs over his opposing will (1.164). Such opposition from God only intensifies Satan’s fury to continue to oppose God’s winning will. Every time God executes his will, Satan seeks to divert it through his many tactics. Whenever Satan attacks the will of God, God carries his will through despite the onslaughts. Despite this fact, Satan moved
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