Analysis Of John Oliver 's ' The On Municipal Violations ' Essay

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While there are many ways to deliver a message to a person. Whether it be sitting them down and simply telling them, watching it on the news, or even getting it by carrier pigeon, there are infinite ways to deliver a message but there are none quite like John Oliver. Sure, there are various other comedic news shows such as the Colbert Report but they shy in comparison to John Oliver and the show he hosts known as Last Week Tonight. His delivery and overall persuasion is very effective and specifically in his segment on Municipal Violations, he is just that; persuasive and effective. In his segment on Municipal Violations, John Oliver fulfills the 4 methods of persuasion effectively, enhances his speech using various literary tools, and while his channel may be an obstacle to some, it is not for him. To start this analysis, we first look at arguably the most important piece of establishing a persuasive claim. This is credibility. John Oliver goes about establishing this by starting his clip by simply bringing up Municipal Violations. He talks about how we all have experienced them and that they are something ranging a parking ticket to jaywalking. These are harmless crimes and it is clear John is establishing his credibility by describing the topic. He describes this topic in a way that makes it appear as though not only him, but the audience are experts on this topic. This makes the Municipal Violations seem like an everyday and easily understandable topic which then

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