Analysis Of John Orwell 's ' Pig Tales '

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“Real Dystopia in Pig Tales”
Pig Tales is the first novel written by Marie Darrieussecq at the end of the twentieth century. It uses many pornographic scenes and bloody depictions to describe a woman’s transformation into a sow. During this transformation, the heroine also encounters men and women with different social statuses including marginalized homeless people, corrupted politicians, an exploitative perfume boutique director, customers in the boutique, a poor teacher, and black immigrants. Like the heroine diverse groups of people who made up a noteworthy part of the contemporary French society but were usually neglected or oppressed. It also make the heroine’s voice more observing and representative that anyone from the lower class
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He was never successfully elected and the general public often accuses him of being a fascist. As a controversial figure, he had been convicted of racism or inciting racial hatred at least six times by 2004. Edgar, with similar ideology, takes a series of tyrannical approaches and turns France back into a fascist world filled with terror and orgy after he had won in the election. Marchepiede is also portrayed as a religious and conservative lunatic and is criticized subtly in this novel. My paper focuses on Le Pen’s political proposals as they are reflected by fictional characters in the novel and implicitly criticized by the narrative voice of the heroine implicitly.
Jean-Marie Le Pen is obsessed with the national identity of France. He used to claim that his political position was neither left nor right, but French. He promotes the identity attached to Western, Humanist, and Christian civilization, and opposes the development of Islamic culture and practices in France and Europe. France had just seen the effects of far right politics on the Jewish community from the Holocaust in the middle of the twentieth century. Its influence was still existing when the novel was written but the topic of the Jewish community was rather avoided by people at that time. Meanwhile, the Algerian war of independence that happened in 1950s brought the relationship between Islamic and French culture into
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