Analysis Of John Scott Fitzgerald 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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The author was 24 years old when he had written This Side of Paradise it was an autobiographical story about love and greed, was centered on Amory Blaine, an ambitious Midwesterner who falls in love with, but is ultimately rejected by, two girls from high-class families. This novel was published in 1920 to glowing reviews and overnight turned F. Scott Fitzgerald into a young promising writers, he then became famous and could support himself financially he then marries the woman he loved and had one child, he moved to France in 1924 looking for a spark in his creativity and that when he wrote The Great Gatsby, the novel that would become one of his most prestigious novels it was published in 1924 but it wasn 't until 1950’s and 1960’s a couple of years after his death, that america would name it as one of the best written novels. In this story the narrator is Nick Carraway a young man who was educated and has social connections in East Egg, a fashionable area of Long Island home to the established upper class, moved from minnesota to New York to learn about bond businesses in summer of 1922, he their rented a house in the West Egg district of long island a wealthy but unfashionable area that 's populated by people who are new to being rich. Nick 's next door neighbor is a young mysterious man named Jay Gatsby a man who no one ever really see yet he throws extravagant parties every saturday in his gigantic
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